Higher education photography

Higher education photography, location shoots, press, prospectus, marketing.

Higher education photography requires me to be able to work in your environment whatever and wherever that may be. For example it may be that you require editorial photography to be undertaken in a science lab or research institute. here I can use artificial lighting to compliment or control the light in any location. Supplementing natural light with for example dramatic flash lighting can create a mood or atmosphere that compliments the shoot, the use of blue gels on flash lighting can for example create a very clean “scientific” feel to the location thereby allowing dramatic images to be produced over and above a standard “white lab” image.

Using the surroundings and placing people in the right location will bring an element of surprise and drama to the photographs and allows students to get on with the task in hand rather than fell they are the centre of attention, this way natural editorial photography brings out the best in any given scenario.

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