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Recent Commissions

educational photography
Recent educational photographer commissions have included work for UCAS, and the CITB, secondary school prospectus’s, national Press (The Times Educational Supplement, The Guardian) work in the public sector, marketing & editorial shoots for The University of Reading and the international baccalaureate.

Educational subjects

educational photographer
I photograph the day to day educational environment in an editorial style, shooting portraits, tutorials and hands on vocational training. I work with people from all walks of life from students, to head teachers and those with Special Educational Needs.

The DfE

educational photography

I have a contract with the The Department for Education the DfE and work on a variety of projects for the department as an educational photographer suppling of educational photography and photographic services . I am highly experienced in managing people from young students to lecturers and workers.

Creative educational photographer

educational photography

With over 20 years experience as an educational photographer shooting photographic commissions for corporate, educational, public sector, marketing, national press, editorial and industrial clients, I offer versatility and the ability to work on any photographic commission.  I can work quickly and efficiently in even the most testing environments.

I like to work in an unobtrusive reportage style and produce natural looking images of people and real life situations.

This style has proven very popular with educational clients as well as with my corporate clients.  I often work on projects that involve location photography, portraits and editorial style photography – creating a body of work for prospectuses, brochures, web site and marketing collateral.

Creative, observational …

educational photography

Construction skills

I work in everyday situations to create natural looking photography. With my experience in editorial and reportage style commissions I can produce creative imagery from any scenario be it lecture hall, classroom or location.

… editorial style educational photography

Drawing on my ability to shoot around changing scenes and situations and working proactively I will create a body of work from any commission – as well as stand alone “iconic” imagery. I am highly experienced working on location for any client.

You can view my work for clients in construction and industry, corporate and business and the national press on my corporate photography website

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